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Best cable tv providers

Tips for finding the best cable TV or satellite TV provider

Finding the best TV provider isn't hard

When trying to find the best cable TV or satellite provider, there are a few factors you can take into account to decide which one can best fit and needs.  There are many companies that can seem appealing and lure you into thinking that they can give you the best packages and deals available. There are a few easy steps and tips you can use to decide for yourself which company would benefit you the most. By taking the time and using these steps, you may get a better deal than you expected.

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Do your research and shop around

You do not have to sign up with the first company you look at or call. You should take your time when deciding. The more companies you look at and speak to the more information you have to make the best decision. You can also ask about specific offers that one company has offered you as leverage with other companies to get the most out of the deals they are all presenting.  Here are a few phone numbers to the companies that we have seen the best deals with.

  • DirecTV – (855)668-6089
  • Dish Network – (855)668-6089
  • Charter Cable - (866)927-5713
  • Time Warner – (855)680-8186
  • Comcast / Xfinity - (877)680-3632

Don’t be afraid to ask

Your friends and family are also one of the best sources to help you get a great deal. Ask them what offers they received. This way you will already know what you can get from different providers. They can also offer ideas about what to ask for when speaking to representatives.

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Look for deals

When asking around you can find out about special one-time deals. Many companies have “refer a friend” specials. You can receive credits and help a friend get a great deal as well. Cable TV can offer you a $10 credit just for referring someone else to us. It’s that easy! Any kind of incentive can help when choosing your cable TV or satellite provider. Here is one of our hottest deals for the week!

$50 Reward Card with DIRECTV + Internet All Included - online only

DIRECTV Select + U-verse Internet + Voice All Included $89.99/mo. for 24 mos. + $50 reward card

Sign up with DISH and we'll guarantee our price of $49.99/mo for 2 years! HD free for life! Includes free HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and STARZ for 3 months! Add a Hopper Smart DVR for only $10/mo.

Smaller can be better

Looking into smaller or local cable providers can help you save money. It is easy to always go with bigger and better known companies as they are always being advertised everywhere and seem like the easiest option. Smaller companies can offer you what you are looking for at a lower price or just offer better deals on their cable or satellite TV packages.

Look for the best value

When shopping around look for the best offer a provider can give you. Ask questions such as, what are the most channels you can get at the cheapest price? What other services are provided? How many rooms can you have connected? If that doesn't’t interest you just simply asking for the cheapest and most basic plan can be the best deal for you.

Look for and Enjoy the Freebies

Who doesn't’t like free stuff? Take advantage of any free upgrades the provider has available. You can get premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc) free for a specific time period. Or you can get free DVR service. Looking and/or asking for those deals can help you to decide which provider would best fit your needs.

These tips will help you find the best cable TV or satellite provider for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. You will be surprised. Get the best deal for you!