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Get Smart by Comparing Cable and Satellite Plans

As cable TV prices are growing higher, customers are looking for relief from sky high cable TV bills.  The trick here lies with exploiting the age old art of competition. What many people don’t know is that multiple cable TV companies that compete in any given market actually drive prices lower. Whether you’re looking for cable TV, Satellite TV, or any combination of internet, cable and phone service, competition can be your best friend.
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Typically, when cable providers in your area promote a particular price, or they advertise a special discount, other cable companies are then put under pressure to match or beat competitor prices. If they can’t beat the price they will typically have to provide you with better services, more channels, or more updated technology to justify higher prices. In today’s economy, cash is king, so typically, the company that provides the most bang for the buck will typically be successful in winning the customers’ business.

Cable TV Hotline is a company that specializes in partnering with local cable companies in efforts to get their customers the best prices, and the best cable options in their local area. Customers have found this service to be extremely helpful because not only does the Hotline send out messages to loyal Facebook customers, about new offers and specials, they also give customers a way to compare multiple prices before actually signing up on a 2 or3 year contract. When customers are more aware of all of their cable options, they can make a more informed decision.

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Cable TV Hotline’s mission is to help you to discover the best TV providers in your local area. Many of the big service providers will ask for your street address or your zip code in order to verify availability in your area. A quick check will let you instantly know if service can be activated at your residence. Once availability is covered, you will be asked a few questions about the cable channels you enjoy and how many cable or satellite receivers you’ll need. Once that’s done, you can set an activation date.

Bundling services is also an excellent way to save money. By signing up for cable, internet, and home phone services, customers typically save up to 30%.  This is also a huge benefit because it simplifies paying your bills. Rather than mailing off multiple payments to multiple providers, you’re able to make it a one-shot process.



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